Responsive Websites Under 30 Minutes Or Your Money Back Guaranteed

13. February 2019
Time1 min read

So I spent a lot of time researching, and developing, and researching development and developing research.

This is all to say, I try to optimize my time and space by spending time and space researching time and space. I spent a good chunk of work working on working less in the future.

So, throughout 2018 I dived into literally everything that goes into a website!

Static Site Generators. JavaScript frameworks. Package managers, build scripts...

UI/UX Patterns. WYSIWYG no-coding asset rendering. Antipatterns, dark patterns...

Content Management Systems. Structured, headless, static, hosted, eCommerce...

Progressive Web Apps... Reactive websites. Responsive websites. Hosting providers...

Content Delivery Networks, Customer Relation Management, PCI compliancy...

I've gotten pretty good at this.

So now I am offering a service which I will soon probably regret:

An Entire Website Design in Under 30 Minutes or Your Money Back Guaranteed

Sound too good to be true? Too bad, I don't care.

Let's talk.