Einstein Page Designer



Page Designer is a B2C Commerce feature that supports standard development processes and tools for creating reusable page types and component types. Merchants can use a visual editor in Business Manager to design, schedule, and publish custom pages in the storefront by dragging the page and component types. Merchants can use the same page and component types to create a variety of pages independently, without going back to the developer for updates.

Clients such as Louis Vuitton can personalize their product pages to experience a 23% growth in merchandise volume and increase deployment by 6x.

With easy-to-use capabilities, merchandisers and marketers can quickly design rich, engaging ecommerce experiences without code:

  • Create—Simply click, drag and drop components like new or seasonal merchandise, banners, carousels and more into any digital storefront. Now, companies are armed with the tools they need to build deeply customized, robust webpages, leveraging a library of reusable components. Even more, companies and third-parties can build custom components unique to specific business needs, including campaigns, seasonal offerings and more. For example, if a retailer is launching a new marketing campaign for a special event like the back-to-school—their business teams will be able to use out-of-the-box, custom or third-party components to quickly build a new landing page on their site supporting this campaign.
  • Preview and Schedule—Preview website content by device type across desktop, tablet and mobile, enabling companies to surface the most relevant content to their customers. Teams can also schedule website content on individual pages by date, time, customer group and locale. Now, companies can populate content on their storefront at the right time and by the right customer group, device type, as well as language and locale prior to launching this new campaign.
  • Reuse—Quickly configure and update pages by saving and reusing components and pre-built page layouts from any digital storefront. Out-of-the-box, third-party and custom-built components arm companies with the layouts and functionality they need to get up and running fast. Now, with reusable components and pages, the Father’s Day homepage that ran last year can be quickly updated and deployed with just a few clicks.